Spherical roller bearings

A spherical roller bearing consists of a solid outer ring with a raceway, a solid inner ring and the barrel rollers with cage.
Put simply, two rows of rollers share a raceway in the outer ring.

Due to this design, spherical roller bearings are angularly movable; the inner and outer rings can be “rotated”. In other words, slight misalignments between shaft and housing can be compensated.

The inner rings have either cylindrical or tapered bores. This allows for particularly large bearings with adapter or withdrawal sleeves to be mounted.

Spherical roller bearings have very high radial load-carrying capacity and can also support high axial loads.
If the bearing is sealed, the service life can be significantly increased under difficult ambient conditions.

Typical areas of application include:
Heavy mechanical engineering, plant construction, conveyor technology, wind power, mining, …

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